Innovation and Transformation 

We help organizations like yours envision innovative solutions that dramatically improve educational outcomes for all their students. Our experts draw on their experience in urban education to document challenges, build actionable recommendations based on these findings, and propose strategic improvements to help you conquer them.


But we don’t just point out problems and then leave you with a to-do list. We’ll help you develop effective turnaround plans for teaching and learning, human capital strategy, and organizational change management.

Solutions include:

  • School turnaround/transformation model development

  • Stakeholder strategic planning

  • Instructional program development

    • Career and technical education


    • Males of Color initiative

  • Instructional framework development

  • Alternative learning options

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Restorative practices/school climate

We Supported a School Improvement Grant (SIG) high school developed a transformation plan by reviewing current school data and best practices in research. We help teams of teachers, leaders, and community leaders select common, high-yield strategies that would address the specific challenges of the school. This artifact summarizes the full transformation plan.