We believe in Equitable Solutions. We believe that resources should be applied as necessary, no matter the child, the school, the zip code, the city, or the state.


We believe in IntegrityWe’re here for high-minded business practices and ethical results. 

We believe in Educator Power. Our team is made up of expert practitioners who’ve worked in the fields where they’re now consulting. We’ll never bring an educational outsider into work with your school—we believe in using people who genuinely understand and love this field.


We believe in Innovation. We’re fearless when it comes to envisioning change. We’ve discovered that the solution often lies a bit outside of the box.


We believe in Research-Based Solutions. What we do is deeply rooted in inquiry, investigation, and the work of the experts who’ve gone before us. And as experts ourselves, we bridge research and practice.


We believe in Co-creation. Teachers, principals, and districts are our partners. We want to have a lateral relationship with you, not a top-down one.

Core Beliefs